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​"Who's going to prepare them and give them that love and attention they need? I just want to love them."  
~ Concepción Niño
6:00a.m. - 5:30p.m. 
Monday - Friday
Hours of Operation 
1's and 2's HighScope Classrooms 

In partnership with HeadStart, our 1’s and 2’s classrooms offer high-quality care to children starting as early as one year old! Each classroom is taught by two HighScope trained teachers in order to provide the best quality of care. Enrollment is handled through Head Start. 

Similar to our toddler classrooms, our preschool classrooms are taught by two HighScope trained teachers who work hard to implement the HighScope curriculum. Developmentally appropriate activities and projects help to prepare children for kindergarten.  

3's and 4's HighScope Classrooms
After School Program 

Our after school program is available for children ages 5-12. After school participants receive help with their homework and reading tutoring. Children also receive a nutritious snack and the opportunity to engage with other children in a safe environment. Please check with your school on the availability of transportation to and from El Campito. Our after school program is offered during all SBCSC closings and breaks. During the summer our after school program is offered to our students, focusing on different themes each week. 

Talk With Your Baby

At El Campito we know the importance of early education for your baby's. El Campito staff offer classes that help you learn how your baby's brain develops during the first three years of life. How you can be your baby's first and best teacher right from birth. Also, help learn parenting tips and strategies to foster your baby's early literacy. All lessons will be at El Campito with all materials provided (books, materials, snacks).

Community-Based Learning with Notre Dame 


This is an advanced-intermediate culture-based Spanish course designed for students who want to improve their communication skills in Spanish and broaden their understanding of the Hispanic world. Students will work with selected Latino families to preserve and document their histories, creating a lasting record that they can proudly pass down to future generations.  By being involved in this important project, students will not only enhance their language skills, but also their cultural awareness of and sensitivity to this growing demographic group, as well as further develop their civic engagement. Through literature, film, current events, and guest speakers, students will develop knowledge about migration issues, family immigration histories, and problems facing our Latino communities in general, and particularly in South Bend.  Students through ethical engagements will work on collaborative creation and preservation of memory (memory of an experience that shapes everyday life and the future). Using storytelling techniques, students will work with Latino families at El Campito to create a collaborative book detailing their life and path to our community. The dispositions that the students will further develop through this class are a better understanding of the Latino culture and appreciation for our customs, an awareness of the diversity of Latino culture, intercultural competence as well as a reflective sensibility.

Mrs. Niños Garden partnering with Near Westside Neighborhood Organization


​As we honor our 50th year at El Campito, we have begun a partnership with the Near Westside Neighborhood Organization (NWSNO) to build a Victory Garden on El Campito’s property on Thomas St. El Campito and the NWSNO share a vision for a vibrant, sustainable, outdoor presence for El Campito. The garden enhances the experience and well-being of its children, youth, staff, and their families; uses food and nature to educate, heal, inspire, connect, and empower; and celebrates El Campito’s culture, embodies its values, and shares its story with the wider public. Given the pandemic, and the emergency situation now facing many families, food pantries, and food banks, we want to start planting vegetables in our neighborhood immediately. Look out for what we grow in 2020 at the corner of Thomas and Laurel!

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